Equilibrium Immersions
Unique, Experiential workshops

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EQUILIBRIUM offers clients a unique approach to leadership development.  By engaging with the horses, individuals embark on a journey of personal discovery and development.

As opposed to traditional methods of personal development, the EQUILIBRIUM process provides individuals with instant, “live” feedback on their leadership style and overall leadership effectiveness. Working directly with the horses and the EQUILIBRIUM team of coaches, individuals are able to practice in real-time, what steps they need to take to unleash their personal power.

The EQUILIBRIUM approach is non-directive, allowing for opportunities to problem-solve and be creative. It is solution-oriented and acknowledges the power of choice.

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Equine guided learning, means that you will be touching horses, breathing them in, seeing them, and moving with them on foot. You will be in the country, in nature, feeling the sun on your face, walking on the earth, or smelling fresh hay in the barn. All your senses will be involved.

The interaction with the horses throughout the day asks individuals to consider their agility and flexibility as a leader as the horses challenge a “one-size” fits all approach to management and leadership. As intuitive beings, they can show us in an instant when we are fooling ourselves and when we are on the right track.

As herd animals who are tuned in to the slightest inconsistency in their environment, they mirror back to us those inconsistent behaviours we may not be aware of: behaviours that stop us from moving forward in life or from moving deeper into our own authentic spirit.

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This kind of learning bypasses a lot of the thinking that so often keeps us in a swirl. Instead, it goes straight to the heart of what you’re passionate about and helps you see clearly what stops you from living a fully authentic life.

Throughout the course of the day, delegates work with the EQUILIBRIUM coaches to ‘unpack’ and debrief the learning and insights from the various activities. The shift in learning and behaviour throughout the day is supported with strong individual coaching.

The EQUILIBRIUM facilitator team have been carefully selected for their passion, extensive business, coaching and facilitation experience and experience in the field of equine-guided learning.

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Nikki is the founding member, a Director and Shareholder of EQUILIBRIUM. She brings 29 years experience working with horses and working in the corporate environment and with a number of local and international business schools as a leadership development facilitator and coach. As a business and personal life coach she uses her experiences in the leadership-coaching field to bring about identified personal leadership changes within the EQUILIBRIUM workshops.

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NADINE JACKSON – B Com (Acc) Honors; CA(SA)

Nadine is one of the Lead facilitators, a Director and Shareholder of EQUILIBRIUM. She is a Chartered Accountant with over 18 years corporate and leadership experience, most recently managing a finance department 150 people strong, as the Chief Financial Officer of a large South African company. Together with her passion for empowering individuals, extensive coaching experience and in excess of 26 years horse experience, Nadine is a valuable member of the EQUILIBRIUM team.

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STEVEN CARLIN – MSocSc; Industrial Psychology

Steven is an Associate of EQUILIBRIUM. An Industrial Psychologist by training, Steven specialises in the design and implementation of Organisation Development, Leadership and Transformation interventions. Originally from Scotland, Steven grew up and studied in SA. With extensive consulting and facilitation experience overseas and locally in the areas of individual & organisational performance assessment, culture transformation, change management, talent management, succession planning, and competency profiling, Steven is a valued member of the team.

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Leandre is an Associate of EQUILIBRIUM. Her passion is to empower ordinary individuals, through practical ways, to become extraordinary, both professionally and personally. She is fortunate to do this through business and personal coaching and brings an intuitive passion for individual and team coaching to the personal learning journey. Leandre qualified as a Business Coach with the PeopleDynamics Learning Group in Canada and holds the designation Business Coaching Advantage Practitioner™ since March 2016.

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LYNNE BEZUIDENHOUT – BA H Dip Ed. Chartered HR Practitioner [SABPP]

Lynne is an Associate of EQUILIBRIUM. An Organisational Development practitioner by training and experience, Lynne specialises in Culture and Organisational Change Interventions, helping organisations to build capability and sustainability, as well as the development and growth of people, through targeted interventions, assessments and strengths based coaching.
Lynne’s experience within the Corporate arena, both locally and within Africa, as well as her experience as a facilitator and ALP coach within the business school environment, makes her a valued member of the team.

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Tracy has over 20 years’ experience in the field of advertising and project management. She recently made the decision to start up her own business providing project management support to a number of key clients including an international health consortium. She has extensive horse knowledge and brings passion and devotion to the role horses play in both leadership and personal development.

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ROXANNE MASSARO – Professional Athlete

Roxy is a supporting member of the EQUILIBRIUM team. Roxanne Massaro is a highly accomplished, dedicated and passionate horse woman with many years of experience in equestrian sport. Roxanne has been teaching equestrian professionals since the age of 18. With too many credentials to name, she has become an extremely accomplished horse rider and has been on the Open Eventing team for Gauteng provincials no less than 7 times! As a rider herself, Roxy is currently competing at 2* level in Eventing, 130mm level in Showjumping and has also competed up to Medium level in Dressage. One of her greatest accomplishments was when she represented South Africa for the Nations Cup on the winning Eventing team where she competed against Zambia and Zimbabwe. Roxy is currently becoming an ICASA qualified instructor.
Under specialized coaching, Roxy has become a junior facilitator for EQUILIBRIUM, bringing her life long skills in the equestrian field forward as an extremely strong willed and devoted member of the team.

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TAMSYN MULLER – Professional Athlete

Tammy is a supporting member of the EQUILIBRIUM team.  She is very determined and enjoys excelling in everything she tackles. Tammy moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg at a very young age to pursue her life-long dream – to compete to the best of her ability in equestrian sport.
Despite her young age, Tammy has a laundry list of work and riding experience (SANEF Module 1,2 & 3), including but not limited to training race horses to improve performance, working with the South African Lipizzaners for no less than 3 years and even winning the prestigious Micro Derby with her top horse Mozart Magic. Under specialized coaching, Tammy has become a junior facilitator for EQUILIBRIUM, bringing her highly accomplished equestrian skills together with a natural ability to coach and guide those around her.

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Our Right-Hand Team

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