Nadine Jackson

Personal & Business coach; Leadership & Equine facilitator; Financial Consultant CA(SA)

Leadership • Coaching • Finance

Nadine Jackson CA(SA)

Nadine grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and attended the University of Johannesburg as a Deloitte bursary student, gaining her Bachelor and Honours degree in Accountancy. She went on to complete her articles with Deloitte in Johannesburg and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Following her articles, Nadine travelled to the USA where she worked in Los Angeles for Deloitte. When she returned to South Africa she took up a management position in Deloitte Entrepreneurial services division.
She has held various leadership positions, most recently managing a finance department 150 people strong, as the Chief Financial Officer of a large South African company.

In 2015, Nadine took on a new challenge of operating her own consultancy, which allows her to share the various skills she has acquired in a variety of business areas; finance, strategy development and leadership, with others, with the aim of achieving sustainable transformation of individuals and the organisations within which they operate.
Nadine is most passionate about working with individuals and teams who are embarking on a personal and professional journey of growth. Her primary focus is on empowering individuals and teams, establishing leadership values and behaviours and ensuring these deliver sustainable high performance levels in all aspects of life and business.

Nadine is privileged to act as an associate to Legitimate Leadership and EQUILIBRIUM.
Legitimate Leadership helps leaders at every level to transform their organisations through the application of the Legitimate Leadership Model, which is characterised by Legitimacy, Trust, Contribution and Accountability.
EQUILIBRIUM focuses on personal & team leadership development by offering a unique & innovative experiential learning process by using horses as equine facilitators.


Nadine has facilitation experience, at all levels of management in the areas of emotional intelligence; personal development; individual and team leadership; employee engagement; individual and team coaching; and culture change.


Nadine offers both personal and team coaching.  She works with individuals in the area of personal development and self mastery, focusing on creating a personal shift in thinking and behaviour.

Financial Consulting

Nadine was a Deloitte Bursary student who, following the completion of her articles, travelled to the United States where she worked in Los Angeles. She has fulfilled several management positions throughout her career but most recently her role as the CFO of a large South African company, together with her extensive business and leadership experience makes her uniquely qualified to consult on all financial matters to businesses of various sizes.

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