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We are passionate about working with individuals and teams who are eager to embark on a journey of exploration, discovery and growth.

A fresh approach to personal and team leadership coaching


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EQUILIBRIUM offers facilitators with extensive facilitation experience at all levels of management. Their experience includes the areas of career development; performance management; talent management; emotional intelligence; business driven action learning; personal development; individual and team leadership; value based management & leadership; employee engagement; change leadership; individual and team coaching; and culture change.

EQUILIBRIUM works collaboratively with individuals in the area of personal development and self mastery, focusing on creating a personal shift in thinking and behaviour.

Working with a number of leading SA Business Schools and organisations, EQUILIBRIUM has extensive experience working with high performance teams to facilitate an integrative approach to learning and development, team performance and team culture change.

The EQUILIBRIUM Directors have extensive business experience.  They have held several management positions throughout their careers.  Together with this extensive business and leadership experience, the financial background of Nadine Jackson CA(SA) makes EQUILIBRIUM uniquely qualified to consult on all financial matters to businesses of various sizes.

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Lionthree is now affiliated with EQUILIBRIUM

Lionthree is the official website of Mpho Makwana, who is a majority shareholder of EQUILIBRIUM Consulting.

As fellow shareholders, Nikki Lowe and Nadine Jackson believe that Mpho’s passion and experience acting as a Trusted Counsellor to world-class Leaders who seek to leave the world better than they found it, uniquely qualifies EQUILIBRIUM to consult to your Business.

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